Tuesday, January 22, 2013

we are all a bit asleep here

 i haven't been taking interesting photos lately. i haven't been feeling that well, so i'm just haunting around the apartment. except sunday night when i went out with a red sledge, i think it was a kid one, it wasn't ours, we found it in the basement and it was actually fun, even if the snow is starting to melt down. it was just my voice around these empty streets at 10 o'clock screaming: weeeee. oh well. and yes, last night, after a year, i decided to return to another basement pub or bar and play some pool game, which i won, yey for me. oh and i've also had a marathon of "scandal", it's a pretty great show, it gets to your reality nerve check. but returning to these photos, they were taken yesterday, when it appears that almost all human beings around my window were asleep. the couple pigeons were first fooling around with each other, then one left, after that i spotted my neighbour kittens and after that one of the negruzzi family doggie. i baptized them like that because they are all black black black. i actually enjoy to sneak by the window and watch what the pet neighbours do, how they put on their puppy eyes to impress random people on the streets for some affection or food or how they innocently play in their own world.
i wish it would all be that simple.


Ileana said...

Love the background pic on ur blog!!!
And these are amazing, fits perfectly :D


Anonymous said...

these are very nice!

Dixx said...

glad you had fun at the pub.:d i want a sledge too.:( i miss that.