Thursday, March 28, 2013

a paris attic overlooking death

last night i went to see a play adapted after Matéi Visniec. and of course, i enjoyed it. i asked an old friend to join me and we went to one of the local college. it wasn't something fancy, so i just went with my usual black coat, black jeans, black bag and my overused animal print scarf. i really really wished events like this could happen more often in this tiny city. it would really improve people's state of mind at least for some hours. after such events, i always leave the hall in a pleasant dizziness.
so. more dizziness please.

Monday, March 25, 2013

the black uniform

 the coolest uniform. will wear it this spring. i'll also try a maxi dress, if i find the right one. i just want the simple jersey t-shirt dress  because of its very light, soft and flowy material.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

some mornings warmed her hands and mind

flowers can do no wrong. so i had to push my camera button. i also love when anthropologie catalogue comes in my mail box. i keep hoping one day i'll afford buying something from there, i adore their dresses, home accessories and perfumes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


as stated on her website, Simone Rocha was born in Ireland in 1986. in 2008 Simone graduated with a ba in fashion from the national college of art and design in Dublin continuing in 2010 to graduate from the acclaimed fashion ma at Central Saint Martin’s college. Rocha's strong, modern, and yet romantic aesthetic has gained her immense recognition and has positioned her as one of fashion's notable young designers.
in other normal terms, as are ours, normal people :), her aesthetic is simply beautiful, chic, wearable at any hour and i would love to afford her pieces.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chanel and other small luxuries

every year i'm numb in front of the change of seasons. after 24 years you'd think you'd be used to it right? but i ain't. every year i feel like a shy teenager taking off one piece of clothing at a time, being used to so much cold that when i open a window around the apartment and feel a tiny bit of sun warmth, it gets strange. it's like each year we have the same dance.
so meanwhile i can't believe we finally have our first own chanel product. i know there are tons of people that think it's foolish to have it or foolish to consider it a smallbigthing when they have dozens of such goodies, i know i could have bought 10 lip products with those money or anything else, but i've always dreamed of having the beauty essentials from a brand that is nowadays a statement. it may be overrated, but i guess every girl has its own small princess needs and wishes to have something special and (qualitatively)better and i'm one of them. i actually bought it as a gift for mom, but we share, no problem :).
and yes, carnations are among the prettiest flowers and i love that they live longer. even after they begin to fall, i put them in a bowl of fresh water and the room atmosphere gets nicer.