Thursday, March 28, 2013

a paris attic overlooking death

last night i went to see a play adapted after Matéi Visniec. and of course, i enjoyed it. i asked an old friend to join me and we went to one of the local college. it wasn't something fancy, so i just went with my usual black coat, black jeans, black bag and my overused animal print scarf. i really really wished events like this could happen more often in this tiny city. it would really improve people's state of mind at least for some hours. after such events, i always leave the hall in a pleasant dizziness.
so. more dizziness please.


Patricia G. said...

I hope you enjoy the play!! I love the theatre!
Lovely scarf!!!

Instant Milk said...

Awesome post and thanks for sharing! Your posts are very entertaining!
I really like your blog. Come by! We can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook ;)!

That sounds like a lot, so I'll leave the links here to make it easy for you:
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Come by soon!

shayla. said...

looks amazing :)

Le Fresne said...

I would love to go to the theatre every weekend, but my town is far too small.
This looks wonderful! x

little henry lee said...

i don't go to the theatre very often but whenever i do really enjoy it. it's usually pretty expensive but if you go to local university/college productions then that solves that problem. i'll have to look into going to some more around me, it would be just a nice thing to do more often. :)

little henry lee