Tuesday, March 12, 2013

chanel and other small luxuries

every year i'm numb in front of the change of seasons. after 24 years you'd think you'd be used to it right? but i ain't. every year i feel like a shy teenager taking off one piece of clothing at a time, being used to so much cold that when i open a window around the apartment and feel a tiny bit of sun warmth, it gets strange. it's like each year we have the same dance.
so meanwhile i can't believe we finally have our first own chanel product. i know there are tons of people that think it's foolish to have it or foolish to consider it a smallbigthing when they have dozens of such goodies, i know i could have bought 10 lip products with those money or anything else, but i've always dreamed of having the beauty essentials from a brand that is nowadays a statement. it may be overrated, but i guess every girl has its own small princess needs and wishes to have something special and (qualitatively)better and i'm one of them. i actually bought it as a gift for mom, but we share, no problem :).
and yes, carnations are among the prettiest flowers and i love that they live longer. even after they begin to fall, i put them in a bowl of fresh water and the room atmosphere gets nicer.


Cynthia O. said...

I know exactly what you mean! Like the people that use their favorite perfume for a special occasion... why not make every day a little more special? I spray it all the time.

My first and only Chanel product so far has been a fragrance, I will someday purchase a cosmetic, probably a lipstick. I can't wait. :)

raluca marie wolfski said...

oh, exactly!
i can't wait too to be able to purchase a light lipstick and a powder case.
the basics that i need every day.