Wednesday, March 20, 2013

some mornings warmed her hands and mind

flowers can do no wrong. so i had to push my camera button. i also love when anthropologie catalogue comes in my mail box. i keep hoping one day i'll afford buying something from there, i adore their dresses, home accessories and perfumes.


Bo3mia said...

Oh, the delicate flowers! :)
I love the rainy-window picture..perfection!

Cynthia O. said...

I love those catalogs! I like to cut them up and use them for collages. :)

shayla. said...

lovely photos/blog :)

Cynthia O. said...

Hello my fellow wanderlusting friend,
I read your comment about my Paris trip. If you make something a priority in life, it will happen! It can take you some time to save the money, but it begins by saving a little bit by little... patience is hard for me, now I have to stay in school and wait until I can travel to Europe again. I sacrificed a lot to go, gave up a lot, but I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. Fear is real, but you shouldn't let it be the sole reason something is stopping you. It will stop you from doing so many other things. Traveling has taught me to be brave.

Good luck, darling!