Friday, October 11, 2013

vienna. now or never

these aren't the typical touristy photos as you can tell, i only had one afternoon and one morning to enjoy vienna, so i decided to take the camera out in fewer places and admire and feel more. i always end up having so little time to actually just walk and see my left or right, therefore after all this time i still have so many places and streets that i haven't been yet. in prater there was the wiener wiesn festival with loud music and happy people with drinks :) and i enjoyed a cup of vienna from up in the air, after having a beautiful ride with the praterturm, the highest flying swing in the world, 117m of vienna's sweetest night lights and landmarks. (yea, the dark big spot in the middle of the 5th photo is me)

ah, wonderful!

the morning after. i finally took a walk to kohlmarkt. the small paradise of shopping on earth. and there was me. and chanel. and valentino. and my feet went pit-a-pat. you don't just get to enter a chanel store looking like a grungy all black version of winnie the pooh !
about this tinkle little detail, to be continued :).


me. said...

I spent a part of that holiday in Vienna and I fall in love with it. Anywhere you see.... beauty surrounds you ..Ohhh I miss it so much .

Delilah D said...

beautiful beautiful photos :) i want to go to vienna already... said...

lovely photos! I would love to go to vienna one day