Wednesday, December 18, 2013

dear santa

to be honest, to be in paris with my dear ones would be the greatest, one thing i would wish for.
but since greater things can't be bought so easily, not even with some money, i gathered a tiny list.
santa, pssst!

\ iphone 5c, not because it's cool to have it and probably half the globe has it, because i'm obsessed with what beautiful photos come out of its lenses. in my country unlocked would be found on emag  
\ lula mag, the last edition. i'm gonna miss it a lot :( now it can only be found on ebay
\ it, by alexa chung, perfect for a cool calm reading, on okian
\ the gorgeous asymmetric ballerina flats from zara
\ a fancy much needed floral/rosie teacup to enjoy my growing tea collection
\ rosebud tea
\ the cutest boots, h&m
\ the clean white peace candle, h&m
\ my day to day purse must have, chanel powder


Anonymous said...

The iphone & IT are on my list as well :)

Emily said...

This is a really beautiful wishlist. I love those shoes, though I tend to love everything from Zara most of the time. I'd love an iPhone too, though I sort of hate to admit it, but the pictures they produce are unparalleled.

Carina Maree said...

What a wonderful list! I don't own and have never owned an iphone...although I would really like one because, as you say, the pictures they take are phenomenal!

I'm going to miss Lula too! I think I just missed out on the last issue when it was sold in shops.

xx Carina

precious paperdoll said...

Dear santa… me too please! It would be a treat if any of these charming items found their way under my tree. I am especially sad to say goodbye to Lula as I covert every editorial, image and script featured in the magazine!

Merry Christmas
XO's Paige