Monday, December 29, 2014

stay simple, stay true

my rice rolls got cold by the time i finished editing these photos.
i'm not the type to mark my ups and downs at the end of the year, but i can't help but talk to myself inside my head and realise that yesterday was january and february and i was whispering "come on r, this will be your year!" and slowly, steady, everything changed at 360 degrees in less than a year, just like that.
i have been brave like i never thought i could be and no, i'm not praising myself. i've tried to come out of my shell, i've met new people and i am grateful that one had an immense role in my life and made me be and wish to be a better person. like all (too)good things, nothing last forever and in the meantime i've had to deal all alone with my surgery in fall and now i'm on the path of re-finding my balance. as much as i hate to admit, once something or somebody shakes your discipline/routine, it's really hard to get back on track. but not impossible.
i'm glad i still talk and write to people in different places in this world and i hope i'll do even more about this, because it gives a really nice feeling.
i can't wait for spring to come and leave this city and finally publish my photobook and find a job in the art/fashion world.
so the new year should and will be even better than this one.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

allow me to weave my story into yours. let our tales grow so incredibly tangled that one cannot read one of my chapters without learning of you

the tale of a bouquet of white tulips on the table, where i gather my inspiration, my thoughts. a part of my room, my space.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

for the winter

these are a few of the photos and ideas that make my heart twitch. makes me dream even more about a new house, a new room, more white, space and organised mind and heart.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

roses solitaires

what can you do with an egg, raisins, sweet cheese, too much time, stevia, vanilla and rum, tomato, rocket and vibrant roses ?
a lunch with scrambled eggs and a delicious mini pancake with a pretty view.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

the perfect white

i've been lusting for a really long time over the perfect white shirt, with the most gorgeous detailed collar, to have it in my wardrobe and make it part of my "norm", along a pair of black jeans. so far i've found 2 that match my aesthetic, one from zara, with back buttons and one from 1205, with a sleek mandarin collar, available at la garconne.
mm, what a delight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

le noir norm

i was quite afraid to publish these photos.
i always admire and gather inspiration from monochrome outfit photos from all sort of sources, but i feel so clumsy when it comes to my outfits, haha.
yet, today, i had the courage to make a fool of myself and snap my autumn uniform, mostly black with hints of white, usually.
h&m divided faux leather jacket, atmosphere bouclé oversized crop sweater, sh loose silky shirt, local store leo printed scarf, bershka skinny jeans, sneakers and sh backpack.
nothing fancy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

collage d'inspiration

another source of inspiration for me. the whiteness and clarity of other people's spaces, flowers and the amazing notes of peony, bergamot, almond milk, jasmine tea, tonka bean, guaiac wood and white musk that i'm pretty sure i would love if i would have zadig&voltaire's tome 1 fragrance at my neck.

Monday, November 10, 2014

november I

details of november so far, with the afternoon light in my room, the tempting quince cake mom made and the persimmon i bought for the first time and its sweetness that i've come to like.

Friday, October 31, 2014

white friday

these days i found inspiration through the whiteness of these beautiful photos, items to wear and things to indulge in, found in various sources.
it's the last day of october of this year, huh.

Monday, October 27, 2014

des points blancs, points sombres

october's almost gone, autumn fall's into winter too soon, it's cold till the bones, i wish flowers would stay alive longer in my room, i wish i could keep all of them forever, i love my marble screensaver, i admire how each inch of green is poetic and curved, like my hips, only mine's still have a long way till their scale of beauty and i have the desire again to write and (hopefully) receive more and more sincere and simple letters.

Friday, October 24, 2014


food for the eyes these days.
via random tumblr sources.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

remember your true north

after one year, i return to the light up in the northest point.
simple and beautiful.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

so inspired

my days and nights have been inspired by these photos, lately.
enough light.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

soft mornings

details from the bed in the morning, threads between the sheets, messy hair, dark brown points on the skin, longing.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

autumn attire

on the wishlist:

saint laurent perfecto leather biker jacket, at

h&m lace blouse, at

byredo blanche eau de parfum (oh, the dream!), at

amber sceats crystal stud earrings (how gorgeous they are!), at the iconic

daniel wellington's classic sheffield watch, in silver (simple and perfect), at

bershka lace-up ankle boots, at

and the most exquisite, the mansur gavriel bucket bag in black, at

Saturday, October 4, 2014

be brave, fragile heart

i wanted to write so much, had a lot in my head and now i ride a wooden swing, it's 20:00 sharp and i'm happy i finally found the perfect long cardi from villa, even if my shoulders are cold now.
i was also happy today that the sun captured my imperfect face and warmed me a bit, i'm glad it's autumn and.. a lot has happened.
it's been 8 months since i changed my life completely and due to this my body didn't knew how to handle the toxins that needed to get out of the system and i got sick.
today it's been 1 week since i entered surgery and i was unconscious for almost 24 hours. i'm still dizzy from all that has happened lately, so fast, from one hospital to another, from a city to another, that now i am trying to regain my peace, my discipline, my path again.
i have been to different places, saw many faces, good ones, bad ones and i know now more than ever that i can't wait to move to a different city, country, find a place of my own, build my home from scratch, a white universe full of light and continue to educate the self to be peaceful, patient, gentle, tender and perhaps to have with whom to share the good that comes with it all.
i know it can happen.
piece by piece.
just like i found this beautiful white rose in my grandma's backyard, where there is little light and nobody knew something could bloom.


2 weeks have passed since i wrote this and haven't had the courage to post it. but it's here that i have my space so this is where it belongs.
today i gathered the photos i made to the happiness grandma info'ed me over the phone when she received the package that came all the way from antwerp.
how could i not be genuinely grateful and happy because a human being that lives 1.990 km away remembered my wishes and made them come true ?
with a bit of red on my cheeks, as usual, i'm still collecting my love for tea and cups and all sorts of pretty kitchen thingies and each time i'm holding the little roses, i'm smiling on the inside that there are kind people in many places and i'm lucky enough to know at least a few.

no, it's not a cheesy post, it's a realistic one.
(r, apologies for not having higher quality photos, i'll have that canon 5dII some day!)

Monday, September 29, 2014

on my wishlist

among endless wishlists for when i'll be working in styling or photography (i still have hopes and dreams, hey!), i made this one: the beautifully patterned rachel comey legend sweatshirt, in ivory, the simple isabel marant short tube necklace in silver, aesop's super rosehip seed lip cream, the gorgeous loop earring from kathleen whitaker, how cool it is (!), isabel marant étoile crisi boots in black suede, aesop's nurturing conditioner that my fragile hair needs badly these days, the pearly pretty emma deux ear cuff by sophie bille brahe and finally the perfect ombré sweatshirt from proenza schouler.
all items are available on la garç, where of course you can lose your heart and mind so so easily.

Monday, September 22, 2014

september and being alive

i really feel like i've been away so much. like a year or so. i wish to do so many things, yet i feel there is not enough time. i've written a blog post few days ago but i haven't had the courage to press the publish button, perhaps feels too personal, yet if i'm not that way here, where it's my space, then where could i be, right? oh, so many in my head. i always wonder if other people get so fussy and mixed up or perhaps i have too much free time and someone should give me a kick, haha.
i love my morning/sometimes afternoons breakfast, the roses grandma handpicked for me from her beautiful big garden, trying new types of tea, i really wish i could have my own kitchen to make my shelf full of boxes with tea, i love how poetic and pretty everything feels about flowers, the corners of their petals, how i could take 21 photos of every inch of them, how their leaves look in a white background, i even love how their stem looks through a vase with clear water, how divine are the shape of the rose petals, like they've been painted with an exquisite hand, just stare at them closely for a while, you'll see.
i love the shape of collar bones and i hope mine will be more pronounced soon, the scent of my new vanilla body butter on my skin, it would be equally divine on his shoulders too, i'm sure.
i love that i finished eckhart tolle's book full of wisdom and light and i'm hungry for another book of his too.
i love many things this september and it's autumn and it's raining between these mountains and i hope to take more photographs and i wish i could make a photobook or an exhibit, something real.
i wish to be lighter and even more alive.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

gentle and kind

a lot, a lot in the head, the joy of the apples from grandma's yard, the joy of the strawberries found in the farmer's market, the joy that i still feel a lot, that i can still be gentle, kind, my favourite feelings, you know. ah, how time flies. so fast! it was like yesterday that i was on a train, that the first of september caught me full of emotions on the streets of bucharest, i didn't find my place in all the noise, yet deep inside i found details and pieces of the quietness and serenity among those old buildings, those books and libraries with chairs that now feel like they're calling me back or am i just dreaming, the joy of good food and i wish i could have them all without feeling guilty, the joy that i can wear now a white or black simple t-shirt with my new faux leather jacket or long cardigan cause it's autumn, the sun on my imperfect face, in the back of my not yet good enough bones and skin, the hunger that i have to get back to life, to recover myself, the hunger for kindness to your shoulders, to your round eyes, to the chin that could stretch into my breasts and feel like home, the desire i still have to build a place of my own, to shake the dust and buy new chinaware and teacups and spoons and musli crunch and yogurt and make you bowls with icecream and light up a vanilla candle, use the new coconut body cream after a warm bath and breathe in its scent, all the magazines we have to read and all the light that we have to inspire us today and tomorrow.

all these are waiting, happening.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

still there

in the past weeks i haven't had the drive to take photographs with the camera, other than the iPhone, even if deep inside i still feel how dear it is to me the act itself and i have in my head all these projects and ideas and desires and they keep twisting and turning and i never get to sort them out and let them come to light.
it's probably my bad and i should shake my shoulders and twist my hair and figure things out, right?
cause on the other hand i feel so grateful for small details such as receiving e-mail from VSCOteam saying they picked one photo to be officially part of the curated VSCOgrid.
oh, wait, i re-checked my e-mails and there is another photo selected. imagine my inside now ^.^.
it's not something huge for most people, but it's these sort of moments that make your heart lighter and it tells you that you are doing something pretty, there, in some amount.
so until i can finish sorting things out, there is some light, if anybody happens to need some, on my VSCOgrid or instagram.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

some days

some days you just feel like everything is falling apart, that you're all alone in your fights and you're the only one that can lift you up again on the light path.
some days you just feel that ache in your chest covered in lace and you wish you could ripe it out with your bare hands, those with whom you wish you would touch something more beautiful.
some days you just wish you could allow yourself to be weak.
some days you just wish there could be someone willing to love you imperfect as you are, weak as you are, dreamy as you are, knowing you light up again soon, knowing there is something good there inside.
some days come, some days go, i know.
where are you, where am i ?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

lighter state

i can't start otherwise.
let me pause a bit.

there are almost 6 months since i'm thinking, every single day, how grateful i am to have began to know a human being that changed my life at 360 degrees.
i do not intend to be silly here, more like trying to write down what i feel, somehow.
i truly never thought there could be such people, that can change your life, that can inspire you to try to be the best version of yourself, that can give you even from hundred of kilometers away a sense of calmness, an inner peace with just a couple of words, that can allow you to grow lighter and prettier by self educating yourself through small steps.
and not leave yet.
that person may not realize the impact it had in me, but i feel so darn lucky to be here, today, continuing to seek happiness in its different forms.

you're beautiful in me.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


so lately my laptop passed away. that means i don't have where to upload and edit properly my photos.
it is a bit strange and uncomfortable, but in the meantime i have been more on instagram, where it seems easier to share my white obsession in small details that i find beautiful and it is a daily source of inspiration for my ups and downs.
i really hope i'll be able to have the money to buy a new lap, in the meantime, i am to be found here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

les essentiels

roses, peonies, baby's breath, ripped jeans, espadrilles, fleur d'oranger, eyeliner, eau de toilette, black, white, pale tones, skin, fleur de cerisier and growing beautiful each day.

Monday, June 9, 2014

these days

clouds and rain and burning sun and wind and shy spring and summer and camera on and flowers blooming everywhere in private gardens and more rain and alone time and low and high self and being grateful for beautiful people in my life and wishing more each day.
that is how these days have been.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

simple deco

i can't believe that soon six months will be gone and spring too.
i guess it can be scary and healing.
so since it's the first day of june and it's children's day all around the world, i thought i should play a bit and create this simple&minimal calendar for this month. and i've made it downloadable. it just needs to be filled with a personal handwritten touch.
it's perfect for a wall deco, in my eyes.

here is the portrait version and here is the landscape one.

Monday, May 26, 2014

private garden, baby

hold still.

press play.
return here.

just feel.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

if flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you

in my daily search for inspiration i see more and more flowers, in all sorts of arrangements and ways and corners and to be honest, when i was a bit younger (i know, i'm not that grown up now, but i sometimes feel like one) i didn't had an interest in flowers or plants, like mom does. they just seemed nice and that was it. but now, in time, my love for them has become fonder and their pure beauty is simply necessary for me beyond their obvious key place in a lovely deco idea.
that is how i decided, after receiving from grandpa many daffodils that he got from someone's home garden, that i will split them in two: half in a pretty bouquet standing in the clear vase next to the zines lined up near the window light of my bedroom and half hanging from the ceiling.
i simply tied them with a white thin thread to the canopy vail hook i have above the bed and for four nights and days i had their luring scent filling my sleep and the air all around. i'm still thinking and searching for ideas of what i could make out of dry flowers, since they remain pretty even after they die.
i wish i had a big open white space to make a curtain or an entire ceiling out of white, black, grey and pale pink flowers.

Friday, April 25, 2014

grays of sunshine, my rainbeau

i've been lacking the passion to take my camera and photograph.. even if my inside lights each time i see a beautiful photo taken by strangers and i feel a spark that i can do more or better, but sometimes.. it just doesn't work.
i don't know.
which is why i had it in my bag while i wandered the streets and lights of Budapest and Vienna, but i only took like 4 or 5 photos? and the rest is taken with the iPhone. perhaps i just closed my eyes over quality and i actually enjoyed more instant moments.
thank God there are pretty apps out there that come to help me in my obsession for white and light, hihi.

Monday, March 10, 2014

her eyes were rimmed with long nights and things she wishes she had said

... words are powerless when you stand beside such beauties hours along. and no, don't worry, i'm not talking about me, it's these creatures of nature with whom i've dressed my room these pre-spring days, among other things that have enlightened my being lately, like the scent of cherry blossom trees in paris that i will use until i'll be there in front of them.

a blooming spring must come.

Monday, March 3, 2014

lightning flora

i've started a timid relationship/attachment to the nature/flowers. as in more than just "ah, it's a nice place, this forest!".
truth be told, if i had money to buy a big open space, i would fill it all around with plants and flowers, mostly white, pale rose and green ones and live in their middle. 
i came home last week with my new baby, a hyacinth in a small rose jar and didn't knew what it would be, a boy or a girl:), but in a few days it turned out to be a beautiful smelling rosie girl, sitting quietly in her window space, reading fashion zines already!

i also went to a walk into the forests and took these fragile fir branches and i can't help admiring each day the way the hyacinth and them take such a poetic shadow from the sun light that arrives at my window in the afternoon.
last year flowers didn't last in my room, because of unknown circumstances, heat is never a problem here, but i'm really grateful that now whatever i bring here in the light, lives and holds on.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


\ waiting for mom's orchid to bloom again.
\ received an unexpected mail surprise from miss g.
\ my favourite daily perfume for a while is zara woman. i just mentally faint after i push its vanilla scent on my neck.
\ still fighting the flu, so i'm a bit mild these days.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

at home | 2

sometimes, actually many times or most of the times i can't find my words or the best of my words to describe what i want say. unfortunately i wasn't born with a writer's skills. that's why in moments like these, it gets hard to express myself, probably my low social activity influence also kicks in.
anyways, these days i'm all about white, black, light(nothing new, i guess), seeking inspiration in interior design and filling my heart with such tremendous joy while i browse different apartments around stockholm lands, i swear i feel like something inside me melts and my stomach bursts of butterflies and it ain't love what i'm describing here:).
the way those interior stylists manage to transform an on sale house so that it captures your attention in the tiniest detail(s) is stellar!
also those photos made me wonder how scandinavians live their lives, as it always seems peaceful and interesting in a quite simple way.
this thought also led me to realise that i wish to connect with other people from different corners of the world and that i would love to write letters to them, by hand. i don't know, it gives me a special emotion everytime i open an envelope from "a stranger" with whom i'm trying to find common grounds. it just gives me a gentle&polite feeling.
that's why i'm always delighted to open the post office downstairs or receive a call from the mailman, finding a new box or envelope from nice people such as raluca, not to mention how humbled i feel when someone (like her) makes "free" kind gestures without expecting something in return. i really admire such human beings, because most just don't bother or care for someone who's not their family or close friends.
so, let's put an end to my cheesy-ness :) and say that i finally have a proper tea cup to dwell into the tea world.
and of course, i'll never stop searching for more delicate cups.
any tips are superwelcomed !

Friday, January 31, 2014

the interior dossier | 3

can you believe how many beautiful apartments are in stockholm, like this one?
ah, i feel like my chest is about to explode of joy while admiring the views.
it must inspire you.