Tuesday, February 18, 2014


\ waiting for mom's orchid to bloom again.
\ received an unexpected mail surprise from miss g.
\ my favourite daily perfume for a while is zara woman. i just mentally faint after i push its vanilla scent on my neck.
\ still fighting the flu, so i'm a bit mild these days.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

at home | 2

sometimes, actually many times or most of the times i can't find my words or the best of my words to describe what i want say. unfortunately i wasn't born with a writer's skills. that's why in moments like these, it gets hard to express myself, probably my low social activity influence also kicks in.
anyways, these days i'm all about white, black, light(nothing new, i guess), seeking inspiration in interior design and filling my heart with such tremendous joy while i browse different apartments around stockholm lands, i swear i feel like something inside me melts and my stomach bursts of butterflies and it ain't love what i'm describing here:).
the way those interior stylists manage to transform an on sale house so that it captures your attention in the tiniest detail(s) is stellar!
also those photos made me wonder how scandinavians live their lives, as it always seems peaceful and interesting in a quite simple way.
this thought also led me to realise that i wish to connect with other people from different corners of the world and that i would love to write letters to them, by hand. i don't know, it gives me a special emotion everytime i open an envelope from "a stranger" with whom i'm trying to find common grounds. it just gives me a gentle&polite feeling.
that's why i'm always delighted to open the post office downstairs or receive a call from the mailman, finding a new box or envelope from nice people such as raluca, not to mention how humbled i feel when someone (like her) makes "free" kind gestures without expecting something in return. i really admire such human beings, because most just don't bother or care for someone who's not their family or close friends.
so, let's put an end to my cheesy-ness :) and say that i finally have a proper tea cup to dwell into the tea world.
and of course, i'll never stop searching for more delicate cups.
any tips are superwelcomed !