Monday, March 3, 2014

lightning flora

i've started a timid relationship/attachment to the nature/flowers. as in more than just "ah, it's a nice place, this forest!".
truth be told, if i had money to buy a big open space, i would fill it all around with plants and flowers, mostly white, pale rose and green ones and live in their middle. 
i came home last week with my new baby, a hyacinth in a small rose jar and didn't knew what it would be, a boy or a girl:), but in a few days it turned out to be a beautiful smelling rosie girl, sitting quietly in her window space, reading fashion zines already!

i also went to a walk into the forests and took these fragile fir branches and i can't help admiring each day the way the hyacinth and them take such a poetic shadow from the sun light that arrives at my window in the afternoon.
last year flowers didn't last in my room, because of unknown circumstances, heat is never a problem here, but i'm really grateful that now whatever i bring here in the light, lives and holds on.

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me. said...

it's so beautiful what you think about opinion about them is the same...:) (seems to be like "Little Ida's Flowers" by Hans Christian Andersen)