Sunday, August 24, 2014

still there

in the past weeks i haven't had the drive to take photographs with the camera, other than the iPhone, even if deep inside i still feel how dear it is to me the act itself and i have in my head all these projects and ideas and desires and they keep twisting and turning and i never get to sort them out and let them come to light.
it's probably my bad and i should shake my shoulders and twist my hair and figure things out, right?
cause on the other hand i feel so grateful for small details such as receiving e-mail from VSCOteam saying they picked one photo to be officially part of the curated VSCOgrid.
oh, wait, i re-checked my e-mails and there is another photo selected. imagine my inside now ^.^.
it's not something huge for most people, but it's these sort of moments that make your heart lighter and it tells you that you are doing something pretty, there, in some amount.
so until i can finish sorting things out, there is some light, if anybody happens to need some, on my VSCOgrid or instagram.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

some days

some days you just feel like everything is falling apart, that you're all alone in your fights and you're the only one that can lift you up again on the light path.
some days you just feel that ache in your chest covered in lace and you wish you could ripe it out with your bare hands, those with whom you wish you would touch something more beautiful.
some days you just wish you could allow yourself to be weak.
some days you just wish there could be someone willing to love you imperfect as you are, weak as you are, dreamy as you are, knowing you light up again soon, knowing there is something good there inside.
some days come, some days go, i know.
where are you, where am i ?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

lighter state

i can't start otherwise.
let me pause a bit.

there are almost 6 months since i'm thinking, every single day, how grateful i am to have began to know a human being that changed my life at 360 degrees.
i do not intend to be silly here, more like trying to write down what i feel, somehow.
i truly never thought there could be such people, that can change your life, that can inspire you to try to be the best version of yourself, that can give you even from hundred of kilometers away a sense of calmness, an inner peace with just a couple of words, that can allow you to grow lighter and prettier by self educating yourself through small steps.
and not leave yet.
that person may not realize the impact it had in me, but i feel so darn lucky to be here, today, continuing to seek happiness in its different forms.

you're beautiful in me.