Saturday, September 20, 2014

gentle and kind

a lot, a lot in the head, the joy of the apples from grandma's yard, the joy of the strawberries found in the farmer's market, the joy that i still feel a lot, that i can still be gentle, kind, my favourite feelings, you know. ah, how time flies. so fast! it was like yesterday that i was on a train, that the first of september caught me full of emotions on the streets of bucharest, i didn't find my place in all the noise, yet deep inside i found details and pieces of the quietness and serenity among those old buildings, those books and libraries with chairs that now feel like they're calling me back or am i just dreaming, the joy of good food and i wish i could have them all without feeling guilty, the joy that i can wear now a white or black simple t-shirt with my new faux leather jacket or long cardigan cause it's autumn, the sun on my imperfect face, in the back of my not yet good enough bones and skin, the hunger that i have to get back to life, to recover myself, the hunger for kindness to your shoulders, to your round eyes, to the chin that could stretch into my breasts and feel like home, the desire i still have to build a place of my own, to shake the dust and buy new chinaware and teacups and spoons and musli crunch and yogurt and make you bowls with icecream and light up a vanilla candle, use the new coconut body cream after a warm bath and breathe in its scent, all the magazines we have to read and all the light that we have to inspire us today and tomorrow.

all these are waiting, happening.