Monday, September 22, 2014

september and being alive

i really feel like i've been away so much. like a year or so. i wish to do so many things, yet i feel there is not enough time. i've written a blog post few days ago but i haven't had the courage to press the publish button, perhaps feels too personal, yet if i'm not that way here, where it's my space, then where could i be, right? oh, so many in my head. i always wonder if other people get so fussy and mixed up or perhaps i have too much free time and someone should give me a kick, haha.
i love my morning/sometimes afternoons breakfast, the roses grandma handpicked for me from her beautiful big garden, trying new types of tea, i really wish i could have my own kitchen to make my shelf full of boxes with tea, i love how poetic and pretty everything feels about flowers, the corners of their petals, how i could take 21 photos of every inch of them, how their leaves look in a white background, i even love how their stem looks through a vase with clear water, how divine are the shape of the rose petals, like they've been painted with an exquisite hand, just stare at them closely for a while, you'll see.
i love the shape of collar bones and i hope mine will be more pronounced soon, the scent of my new vanilla body butter on my skin, it would be equally divine on his shoulders too, i'm sure.
i love that i finished eckhart tolle's book full of wisdom and light and i'm hungry for another book of his too.
i love many things this september and it's autumn and it's raining between these mountains and i hope to take more photographs and i wish i could make a photobook or an exhibit, something real.
i wish to be lighter and even more alive.

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Orjen said...

Hi. I love your aesthetics, how everything about you is white, even your hair and the light in your photos. Though you avoid showing your face or your body too much, it's pretty clear that you are very beautiful and very thin. What's this about more pronounced collarbones? You are absolutely perfect and you should curate images of bodily perfection as inspiration/aesthetics, not a mandatory ideal to reach.

Just a thought.