Monday, December 29, 2014

stay simple, stay true

my rice rolls got cold by the time i finished editing these photos.
i'm not the type to mark my ups and downs at the end of the year, but i can't help but talk to myself inside my head and realise that yesterday was january and february and i was whispering "come on r, this will be your year!" and slowly, steady, everything changed at 360 degrees in less than a year, just like that.
i have been brave like i never thought i could be and no, i'm not praising myself. i've tried to come out of my shell, i've met new people and i am grateful that one had an immense role in my life and made me be and wish to be a better person. like all (too)good things, nothing last forever and in the meantime i've had to deal all alone with my surgery in fall and now i'm on the path of re-finding my balance. as much as i hate to admit, once something or somebody shakes your discipline/routine, it's really hard to get back on track. but not impossible.
i'm glad i still talk and write to people in different places in this world and i hope i'll do even more about this, because it gives a really nice feeling.
i can't wait for spring to come and leave this city and finally publish my photobook and find a job in the art/fashion world.
so the new year should and will be even better than this one.

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Anonymous said...

if you publish sth be sure that i will get it ;) best wishes for this new, fresh 2015 year, hope yours dreams will come true soon