Thursday, April 9, 2015

a tint of light and space

wow, is it that long since i've published photos around here? almost a month.
not that anyone would notice, except me, haha.
as i just finished indulging into a golden apple from the local farmer's market, guilty, guilty, i know, i look at these photos that i took in the last month and i realize that my passion for white is greater than ever, call it obsession if you may, but it truly makes my world go round and happier.
i cannot see myself living in a room that has all sorts of mixes of colors and patterns and not at least one big window with tons of light. i think i would genuinely be like a flower with no drops of water on the ground.
that makes my search for a good/ok/humble/balanced money-wise studio/room in london. my departure from my hometown is closer than ever, huh, in about 3 months i need a space in which i can function and start from 0 and i must feel at ease, otherwise how am i supposed to work and breathe and enjoy my life, right?
i'm grateful i had the opportunity to lay my eyes on a couple of no. of cereal mag, of which i hope i can enjoy more once i set my thing straight in london, until then, s, you're a ♥.
my wardrobe is a bit restrained at the moment and it comes down to black and white, more and more. here and there a hint of colour, on a backpack or socks or eyeshadow. and that's just fine.
as for jewelry i still have to -educate- myself into wearing them more often, i'm still a kid often and i just buy them, admire and leave them on display. mhm.
i also keep saying i need a new black hat, i have a brown one and a bowler black one, but i need a slightly bigger one in black for the spring/summer/autumn season. h&m has the perfect ones, i just have to get there.
duly noted.
and between these cold mountains i keep waiting for spring to come and i trick myself with hints of cerisier that you absolutely fall inlove with.