Tuesday, May 26, 2015

faded naturelle

i have turned to the conclusion that april and may are the prettiest months of the year. everything is filled with light and color and you can't help but smile at each house garden or corner of the mountain, street or market. 
i really wish i could last the whole year, it would make life so much more vibrant and.. yes, i keep thinking about this period and paris and it always brings me chills. for the past years i've been saying to me that i'll get to live spring in that city and even if i haven't been that lucky so far, i haven't given up. it will come true, eventually.
until then i try to enjoy rain, sunbeams, chilly mountain wind, flower pots at my window, peonies on my table that smell di-vine, tons of fruits, perhaps too many, 30 days of yoga workouts, eagerness for my fragile hair to grow back, i really miss it, a lot, roadtrips here and there, browsing for wedding gowns and waiting for my london departure to come.
this has been the northern spring.

Monday, May 11, 2015

inspired by: Älvsborgsplan 7F


starting a new serie(s), a file called "inspired by" with photographs that make my heart and eyes skip a beat and fuel me with good vibes.
ain't this the most beautiful color palette to have in your home and around?
it sure is to me.

start from the scratch: buckets of white paiting for the walls, giving up the curtains, browsing ikea, praktiker, bricostore or farmer's market for green plants, another visit to ikea for clothing racks, a basic table, some bed sheets in pale colors, simple lightning materials, white thick papers for making your own posters, two or 3 vases, different shapes and sizes, perhaps some chairs, one by one, giving away/out of the dusted old clothing and stuff around the house that hasn't been used in over half a year, we all have them, i know.
and.. there's the clean start.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

shades of may

the temporary home.