Monday, May 11, 2015

inspired by: Älvsborgsplan 7F


starting a new serie(s), a file called "inspired by" with photographs that make my heart and eyes skip a beat and fuel me with good vibes.
ain't this the most beautiful color palette to have in your home and around?
it sure is to me.

start from the scratch: buckets of white paiting for the walls, giving up the curtains, browsing ikea, praktiker, bricostore or farmer's market for green plants, another visit to ikea for clothing racks, a basic table, some bed sheets in pale colors, simple lightning materials, white thick papers for making your own posters, two or 3 vases, different shapes and sizes, perhaps some chairs, one by one, giving away/out of the dusted old clothing and stuff around the house that hasn't been used in over half a year, we all have them, i know.
and.. there's the clean start.

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