Thursday, March 24, 2016

a thing or two of beauty

i don't usually publish, take photos of beauty products or reaching that field, even if i'm developing a big passion for it lately and i'm really interested in learning more and hopefully buying the right amount and choosing well.
since i'm not into the right budget yet, to be able to pick just the natural, minimal products that have been surfacing the web lately, i'm working with what i've got around and of course whenever i see white/black/minimal package/design, i instantly fall inlove, guilty as charged! ^.^
what i found out is that it is hard as hell is to find a pale/really light foundation/cc cream that matches my skin, so i can't wait to have enough budget to try nars in siberia or mac, since basically those are the only brands i found out that have such light shades.
i've spotted some really cool things out there and i can't wait to try them.
as for the fragrances, oh, my dear Lord! i can never have enough. there are so so so many amazing scents out there, that i have a collection under development, probably until i'll be 90 or so, haha.
but of course, i'll always have around my faithful zara femme. works like magic any time of the day or night.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

a march issue

days of february and march spent in the middle of the mountains, in a small village in Brasov, Romania, decorating my temporary room with this beautiful unknown white flower and snowdrops.